Lea Bittner-Eddy, Team Leader – Health & Wellbeing (H&W)

BA (Hons), Interpersonal & Organisational Communication, MSc, Society, Culture & Gender (Interdisciplinary),
Certified Train the Trainer, City & Guilds UK, InsideOut® Development Coach Certification (ICF ACC Pending),
Emotional Intelligence (E-IQ) Certified, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified,
Foundations of Wellbeing (Rick Hanson 12mth Program) Certified, trained to use/debrief Leadership 360s.

Lea Bittner-Eddy joined Synergy Global in 2020 as Team Leader – H&W, Minnesota, USA.

She has over 30yrs experience across the Private, Public & NfP Sectors, including international experience living & working in the UK & New Zealand (NZ).

She has extensive experience as a Senior Leader & in Consulting in government, education,
engineering & manufacturing.

Lea’s expertise lies in team development & systems change supporting Execs at macro & micro levels for sustainable futures.

She has achieved business results through the following:
blackDesigned/delivered organisation change structure for the City of Minneapolis (6000 staff) including leadership development, & support for managers with significant downsizing, remote learning, & process improvement.
blackDesigned/delivered state-wide training on person-centeredness for Case Managers.
blackAssisted Minnesota Dept of Health in organisational redesign.
blackDesigned/delivered a project management program saving the City of Minneapolis millions within
2yrs of implementation.
blackCoached state education leaders in non-discriminatory disciplinary procedures, as a Consultant with the Dept of Human Rights.

Key Areas of Expertise & Interest:
blackEffectiveness Consulting: Individual/Team/Org. H&W
blackOrganisational Learning for Team Leadership Effectiveness
blackStaff & Community Engagement (Internal & Public)
blackSystems Thinking: Especially for Community Development
blackChange Facilitation: Cultural Awareness & Increased Competence
blackExecutive Coaching: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, H&W

What differentiates Lea’s work is her intuitive, human-centred approach to supporting change – through engaged partnerships for sustainable results. Her warm & inspiring delivery allows her to work at the individual mindset level, while helping the organisation achieve their desired strategic results through thoughtful systems change.

Lea focuses change efforts on those with the positive energy to lead change more effectively, utilising tangible ‘early wins’ & meaningful results as a motivator, to inspire others who may be reluctant to support the change program.

While based in the USA, Lea has worked in North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Asia & China. The common language of caring, compassion & courage embraces the humanity of all of our diverse world cultures.

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