Vanessa Gomes, Effectiveness Intern

Bachelors in Computer Science, Master of Business Information Systems

Vanessa joined Synergy Global as an Effectiveness Intern in 2021.
She is an international student from Goa, India, currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Information Systems at Swinburne University of Technology, VIC, AUS.

Vanessa graduated from Christ University, India, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She moved to AUS to explore her career & life options – & also the beautiful country.

Her mantra is: “Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

While pursuing her Masters, she worked in the hospitality industry, where she proved herself to be an efficient team worker by lending support, understanding others, leveraging the team, & providing direction when needed during events.

She has experience in the childcare industry, where she enjoys using her creativity for the development of children’s learning activities. She has created several DIY puzzles using items available at home without even needing a pair of scissors.

Additionally, she was also an Events Director at the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) – an international honour society for accounting, finance, & information systems at her University. Here she learnt to be a leader, a quick thinker & problem solver who thrived when confronted with challenges. She planned, then hosted various social & professional events for the BAP members during Covid19 – a challenging phase & coordinated with the University IT support to make the events hassle free.

Vanessa is ambitious, dedicated, loyal & has a strong work ethic. She is action orientated & only satisfied when her tasks are completed before the deadlines.

She believes in life-long learning & that Continuous Professional Development (CPD) must never stop even with mastery. She has always possessed the willingness to learn & is enjoying the challenge of transferring knowledge into work.

She has undertaken University Modules related to Business Analysis & its application on Information Systems (IS) which has improved her understanding on the analysis of complex, socio-technical problems that typify the nature of organisational information systems. She possesses excellent skills in Microsoft Access & the rest of MS Office.
Vanessa also has intermediate knowledge in Power BI, MySQL, Visio, C, HTML, CSS, & OOPS.

The Key Professional Interests she is focusing on during her Effectiveness Internship are:
blackLearning new technologies associated with Strategic Marketing & Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
blackGaining more knowledge by using Reflective Practice (RP) for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).
blackUnderstanding & leveraging the client benefits of Effectiveness Consulting, Change Facilitation & Executive Coaching.

Vanessa & currently lives in Hawthorn, Melbourne. She enjoys dancing, travelling, art & singing.
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