Shahad Aldakheel, Effectiveness Intern

Bachelors in IS, Master of Business Information Systems

Shahad joined Synergy Global as an Effectiveness Intern in 2021.
She is an international student from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, currently finishing her Master’s in Business Information Systems (IS) at Swinburne Uni, VIC, AUS.

Shahad graduated from Princess Nourah University, Saudi Arabia with a BA in IS & has continue her passion for lifelong learning about digital transformation.

She believes : “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it.”

She has a passion for innovation,which helps to develop her creative thinking,problem-solving & collaboration skills, along with her excellent communication &leadership skills.She developed these as a member of a Student Advisory Council, along with mentoring &supporting other students.As well as planning,creating &organising events through her both her degrees at University.

After she graduated,Shahad working as a Computer Engineer &helped develop a Health &Wellbeing (H&W) App. along with supervising her team.

Whilst completing her Masters, Shahad works part-time job as a designer &creative content writer, which allows her to think outside the box &adopt ideas along with the logical flow – this has also helped her critical thinking skills.

She has studied Business IS Analysis & Technology Essentials for Managers which has developed her insight regarding the important of great project management &staff engagement when helping people etc &learn &adopt new technology.

Shahad has a natural talent for leadership starting from an early age, with various growth experiences,including volunteer work&training programs, where she developed her passion to inspire others.She is also fluent in English & Arabic.

The Key Professional Interests she is focusing on during her Effectiveness Internship are:

blackRegular Mentorship: engaging with leaders in the HR/OD profession to help with effective Project Management.
blackDiscovering about HR/OD & Marketing/Business Development across AUS & beyond, from the perspective of an SME.
black Learning new technologies – expanding technical skills along with enhancing her existing team collaboration skills.
blackDeveloping a greater sense of leadership skills & confidence by contributing in every way possible to a Global Team.

Shahad & her family currently live in Ivanhoe, VIC. She enjoys traveling, exploring new places, writing short stories, listening to audio podcasts, watching YouTube & meeting a diverse range of new people.

For cultural reasons, I do not prefer to share my picture, which was agreed with Heather-Jane.

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