Roha Asad, Effectiveness Intern – Marketing/Systems (CRM)

Bachelor’s in software engineering, Completing Masters in Business Info Systems (Business Analytics)

Roha joined Synergy Global as an Effectiveness Intern in 2021.
She is an international student from Islamabad, Pakistan, currently pursuing her Masters at Swinburne University of Technology, VIC, AUS. She graduated from the National University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan, with a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering. She then moved to AUS because of her never-ending urge to explore new things, experience a new culture, escalate new life options, as well as to witness the natural beauty of the country.

Her motto : “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better”.

While pursuing her Masters, she has also worked in hospitality & retail, which has improved her time management skills as well as provided her an opportunity to work under pressure with people of different cultures.

Roha has great communication, team & leadership skills. For example, she has been elected as a Faculty Leader in Swinburne Student Representation Council where she proved herself to be a creative problem-solver. She has been gathering student feedback regarding issues faced and brainstorming on them with her team to present them in faculty meetings and finalizing agenda items to ensure fulfillment of the solutions being presented.

She has also been working as a Study Group Leader at Swinburne where she helps students to perform well. For this work, she has
received an Emerging Leader Award regarding her service to the Uni.

Roha has an urge to be a constant learner which is why she believes in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) & possess a “can-do” & “will-do” attitude. She is always willing to take on challenges & prefers to stay highly motivated, action-oriented, organised & effective.

She has undertaken master’s modules related to Business Analysis, Business Analytics, Project Management, Risk Management, Database Management, & their application on Information Systems (IS) which enhanced her understanding of critical systems thinking, problem analysis & solutions, plus building strategies for business development.
Roha possess strong skills in MS Office, MySQL, Python Programming, & other statistical tools including Microsoft Power BI & Tableau.

She is fluent in English as well as Urdu (National language in Pakistan).

During her time as an Effectiveness Intern at Synergy Global, Roha will be assisting the SG Chief Executive with the implementation of our Business Strategy – specifically the Marketing/Systems Plan, with support towards an improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.

The key professional interests/goals she is focusing on during her SG Effectiveness Internship are:

blackEffectiveness Consulting, Change Facilitation & Executive Coaching – having a clear understanding of SG Services.
blackProfessional Capability Upskilling (aligned to the SG Competency Framework) – applying Business Intelligence Tools.
black Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) – acquiring new learning/skills through CPD & using Reflective Practice (RP).
blackDeeper understanding of AUS work culture – building relationships/a wider professional network while helping an SME.
blackMarketing & CRM Knowledge/Skills – learning new technical skills associated with Business Development across AUS.

Roha currently lives in Hawthorn, Melbourne, VIC. She is a big fan of cooking, driving, dancing, travelling, & socialising.
She also has a never-ending love for coffee!

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