Dr Josie McLean, Team Leader – SA & Sustainability

PhD Organisational Sustainability (University of Adelaide) • Visiting Fellow (Yunus Social Business Centre) • Grad Dip Mgt. Bachelor Econ (University of Adelaide) • ICF PCC • The Art & Practice of Leadership Development (Harvard University) • Founding Fellow Institute of Coaching • Corporate CoachU Coaching Clinic • Accredited Lego Serious Play Facilitator • Human Synergistics LSI I & II/GSI Life Time Practitioner • TMS Accredited • Transpersonal Coaching • Warm Data Lab Accredited Host • E-volve Mastery in Design • Teaching & Facilitation of Leadership Development in Virtual Environments

Josie joined Synergy Global in 2020 as our Team Leader – SA,
She began her career began as a financial analyst & corporate strategic planner who wrote many wonderful plans! She became interested in why they were so difficult to implement. This question began a life time fascination with change, people & process. (Her answer to this question today is two fold: Life is not plannable & strategy is usually an adpative challenge – answers can’t be ‘told’.)

As a member of the inaugral International Coach Federation Board (ICFA) in 1999, Josie took the reins as President in 2003. She also chaired the design & delivery of three regional ICFA Conferences.In recognition of her services & qualities as a coach, Josie accepted the ICF’s Presidents Award in Orlando (USA) in 2009

It was an epiphany that occurred while talking with Sir John Whitmore (2003), that compelled Josie to undertake her doctoral research, “Embedding Sustainability into Organisational DNA: A Story of Complexity”.

This emergent systemic action research explored the nature/dynamics of change to shape a truly sustainable & sustaining (regenerative) organisation. Josie’s research revealed new ways of nuturing change that are completely unplanned & yet ordered by the organisation’s values-based vision & purpose.

Josie has studied & worked with leading systems & complexity thinkers including Margaret Wheatley, Peter Senge, Ronald Heifetz, Fritjof Capra & Nora Bateson.

She has also been a part of National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) research within a trans-disciplinary team of social & environmental scientists, CSIRO modellers & NRM boards.

Josie’s interests & expertise: 
blackEffectiveness Consulting: Developing systems & leaders that are equipped to tackle the complex challenges we face
blackChange Facilitation: Helping sustainability practitioners identify the experiments required for systemic change.
blackExecutive Coaching: Partnering to help Execs leaders complex changes more effectively (saving energy/time/$).
blackAuthoring:Currently co-editing a book on climate coaching with five other coaches & beginning the outline of her 3rd book about leadership for sustainability. Her current book is “Big Little Shifts: A Complexity Practitioners Guide for Organisational Change & Adaptation”.

She is a co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) which is a systemic intervention into the global professional coaching industry. This takes nearly all of her spare time, so she has engaged Heather-Jane & Tim to help her in AUS/NZ!
The Synergy Global team of Climate & Sustainability Coaches are grateful to Josie for her excellent mentorship.

Josie lives in Adelaide with her husband Duart in a now empty nest except for her Blue Russian cat, Kyah.

She’s given up horse riding but still enjoys walking along beaches, boogie boarding in summer & visiting the vast array of wineries in the Adelaide Hills & Southern Vales regions.

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