Fatima Hanif, Effectiveness Intern

Current Student for Bachelors’ in Computer Science, Majoring in Cyber Security

Fatima joined Synergy Global as an Effectiveness Intern in 2021.
She is an international student from Lahore, Pakistan, currently in her 2nd semester of Bachelor’s in Computer Science (CS) at Swinburne Uni, VIC, AUS. She completed her O/A Levels from The City School, Lahore, Pakistan with a sum of 14 subjects, which was a challenge she was determined to take on to prove her potential. She has been passionate about technological advances & digital creativity ever since.

She lives by Nietzsche’s words who said: “He who has a why to live, can bear almost any how.”

Fatima thrives in an environment where she can benefit society. She has taken part in several volunteer groups where she’s helped to mentor the people around her – this experience has helped her to develop her strong communication & team skills. She volunteered at a cancer hospital where she comforted children suffering from the side effects of their treatment, by helping them with activities like colouring, playing board games & watching cartoons as part of ‘play therapy’. She is naturally a kind person & has also volunteered at schools, guiding under privileged children.

Fatima believes in achieving goals, no matter how big or small. Her passion for learning about technological advances, found its outlet when she worked as a team to build an application for blood donation for patients with thalassemia & received national recognition for it in Pakistan. She developed her professional work ethic & skills when she worked as part of the IT team of a Travel Agency, where she worked on website development using WordPress & content for Social Media.

Throughout her high school, Fatima has been an active member of the Student Council & has managed roles such as Class Representative, President for Clubs & Societies, as well as Student Ambassador, which has helped her grow into a responsible & committed learner & leader. She is currently managing the roles of Student Life Content Ambassador & Peer Mentor at her Uni, which are beneficial in enhancing the important ‘soft skills’ of time/self-management & communication.

Fatima already has a greater sense of leadership skills & confidence by contributing in every way possible to our team.

She is a keen designer & skilled in handling Instagram & brand content management. She is also proficient in website development with HTML, CSS, WordPress & Wix. During her time with SG she’ll partner with us to update our websites.

The 4 key professional interests/goals she is focusing on during her SG Effectiveness Internship are:

blackEffectiveness Consulting: To experience the Australian work culture & kickstart her career in technology, while understanding the complexities of running a Professional Services SME in the field of Organisational Development.
blackChange Facilitation: To achieve deeper personal growth & further develop her inter-personal & cross-cultural skills – understanding what outcomes truly add value in the workplace to help clients to lead change more effectively.
blackExecutive Coaching: To develop her confidence in various transferable skills using the SG Competency Framework – these social, technical, project management, team & leadership skills will help her with her Degrees & Career.
blackDigital Transformation: To apply evidence-based technologies into SG as an SME to support our OD Programs – especially how they help SG SEO & our client organisation’s to ‘work smarter not harder’ in this changing VUCA World.

Fatima & her family currently live in Pakistan & she is unable to travel to AUS due to current Covid border restrictions. She loves to travel, read books, capturing moments around her & trying new foods & local restaurants.
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