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Anshit Arora

Bachelors in Computer Science, Masters in Information Technology

Anshit Arora joined Synergy Global’s Graduate Finishing Program in July 2019, as an Effectiveness Intern – Web Developer.

He is a Goal-oriented Web Developer with a strong commitment to collaboration and solutions-oriented problem-solving. Committed to high standards of web design, user experience and usability.

Anshit graduated from Swinburne University, Melbourne with a master’s degree in Information Technology and prior to that to build a strong base in computer science, he has done his bachelors in technology with Computer Engineering as his majors. He was always keen to learn about the business aspect of the field which developed his interest in Business Analysis with web development. Moreover, Anshit has recently worked for Delaplex Software as a Web UI developer. Also, during his bachelor’s study, he has been actively participating in various workshops and is recently certified as a MongoDB DBA.

Anshit with his technological skills brings some essential skills like strategic thinking skills, time management skills, communication skills, leadership skills & efficient networking skills from the work experience gained at Delaplex as a software developer. He is self-motivated, adaptable and has a great ability to work under pressure. He is successful in maintaining work/personal life balance. He believes that “In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can”.

While pursuing his Masters, Anshit was awarded the Golden Key Award 2019 due to his consistent high academic performance. Anshit has shown interest in Database Analysing, Business Modelling & in understanding contemporary issues in IT. Anshit developed an android app for a client of Delaplex named “RESTful Blogging App” where he was awarded the “Delaplex Award” in appreciation of the commitment and dedicated contribution for the client using technologies like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB. While his masters, he has also taken many business analytical units which gave him an insight into the business side of any organisation as well.

Throughout the journey of life, Anshit has been keen analyser and hard worker, which is what he is working forward in the future too. He also brings some of the professional skills and abilities to achieve organisational goals. Anshit is actively engaged in tailoring existing UI components of synergy globals website to have a smoother look for achieving lightweight and fluid UI experience. the current Synergy Global’s website. Also, he is working on different web Services, contributing to Synergy global’s team on a range of small tailored projects.

The Key Professional Interests he is focusing on during his Effectiveness Internship are:

blackLearning about Digital Marketing and Digital Business Analysis. Also, understanding how to market SG’s key services using Digital Marketing.
blackGetting the best out of me for Synergy, by updating the current system with the latest technologies and making it more functional using my skillset.
blackCreating a Professional Role Profile, Individual Performance Plan (IPP) & Personal Development Plan (PDP).
blackUse the SG Competency Framework to develop more confidence in my competences/capability as a master’s Intern
blackGaining more knowledge by using distinctive tools/methods for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI).
blackImplementing Search engine optimization to improve ranking on google index leading to reaching out to new customers.

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