Andrés Haidar, Team Leader – Argentina, South America

System Engineer, ICF PCC, NLP Certified Practitioner

Andrés Haidar joined our global team in 2020, as a Team Leader.
He is a Systems Engineer, with >25yrs of professional experience. His career has been in various companies, including Startups, SMEs, & Multinationals (Microsoft, Alcatel Lucent) giving him experience with different organisational cultures.

Andres worked mainly in Latin American countries & assumed management positions in: Operations, Consulting, Outsourcing, Marketing, Sales, Software R&D.

He led a variety of teams in geographic areas, speaking different languages – developing interpersonal & multi-cultural leadership skills.

Throughout his career, he managed change in different industries & firms. Org Design, Digital Transformation & Process Improvement.

In 2014 he became an entrepreneur & created a startup focused on digital social engagement. In 2016, he became a Professional Certified Executive Coach.

His expertise & key interests focus around 3 main areas:

blackEffectiveness Consulting: Digital Transformation – helping clients to improve business systems/processes with date-informed agile decision-making, & better customer experiences with AI.
blackChange Facilitation: Neuro-Leadership & High Performing Teams (HPT) -creating & delivery programs that enhance creativity & business growth. This experiential program focused on skills transfer to improve performance.
blackExecutive Coaching: Including leaders at all levels & career coaching for young professionals. His style combines a profound connection with a mixed blend of Ontological Coaching & NLP.

Andrés is Argentinean who travelled all around Latin America, USA & several European countries.

He also had the opportunity to live in Brazil, Mexico & Spain forging multi-cultural relationships with people from diverse backgrounds & locations. Andres is a native Spanish speaker also fluent in English & Portuguese.

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