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Alex Liebelt

Bachelor of Social Science (Security & Counter Terrorism), Master of International Relations

Alex joined Synergy Global in 2016 as a Team Leader – Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), which in our terms is dealing with Technical Excellence (‘Getting it Right’) Customer Care (‘Doing it Nicely’). We always try to exceed client, partner, supplier & team expectations – that isn’t always easy!

With her strong record of accomplishment in sales & customer service, Alex demonstrates excellent interpersonal & team skills to achieve goals & KPIs.
During her time at Tiffany & Co Pty Ltd, Alex developed her creative problem-solving ability, management & negotiation skills, which resulted in high levels of return business, with decreased customer complaints.
With dedication to Service/Process Improvement (PI), Alex focused on the importance of building sustainable client relationships, to enhance brand satisfaction. She acted as a mentor to assist with the orientation of new team members – supporting the sales team with all tasks/training as required.

She was also responsible for the collection of data, turning this into meaningful information to track an improvement in the organisation’s KPIs. For example: tracking of sales performance by individual, department & store to understand strengths &areas of opportunity for training & client development.

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science from Swinburne University of Technology & participated in graduate level behavioural psychology research with a team at Baylor University (USA). She also completed courses in Online Communication & Business Management.

Her expertise & key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) – Technical Excellence & Customer Care
black Conflict Resolution & Creative Problem Solving – exceeding Client Expectations
black  Client Relationship Management – especially Effective Communication
black Staff Mentoring & High Performing Teams (HPTs) – especially with SMEs
black Online Marketing – especially assisting with Client-focused Social Media

As you can see Alex is passionate about Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) & is therefore a great fit with the Synergy Global Effectiveness Team – she was invited to join our organisation after meeting with Heather-Jane Gray our Chief Executive, who was impressed with Alex’s strong interpersonal skills & understanding of the business environment.

The three areas of Effectiveness & CQI that Alex think’s most Australian organisations could improve on are:

1) Clarity of a Values-based Vision/Purpose (‘To Be’); Mission/Strategy (‘To Do’) & Brand/Reputation (‘To Feel’).
2) Staff Engagement & Motivation – owning the goals that they are working towards achieving
3) Appreciation for each other & everyone’s diverse perspective & contribution (Client’s & Staff).

Alex is ambitious, open to change/new experiences & is always seeking to learn new things. She is socially active & has volunteered as a mentor to younger school children who have needed a role-model to guide them through ongoing challenges & avoid risky behaviour. She also has experience in managing a variety of events for fundraising.
When not at work, she loves to travel & meet new people. She regularly plays competition tennis & is an avid skier.
As a member of her tennis club’s Management Team, she adds value to their Social Sub-committee.
She lives in Malvern East, VIC, AUS with her partner Iain & is currently planning her next trip to Europe.

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