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Usha Sapariya

BA Commerce, Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Business Administration

Usha Sapariya joined Synergy Global in 2017 as as an Effectiveness Intern,
working closely with Heather-Jane Gray our Chief Executive. Having completed her BA in Commerce (India 2000), she followed her mother’s footsteps, by looking after her siblings – whilst not professional experience, she gained valuable life experience.

In 2005 Usha, married & she later moved to Australia with her husband (2009). This was courageous, as neither of them knew the English launguage, so Usha began her english tuition, whilst looking after her ill mother-in-law – who passed away 8mths later.

Usha studied very hard & after improving her spoken & written English, she obtained her two masters degrees – in Professional Accounting & also in Business Administration.

Throughout her studies, Usha also worked in hospitality, proving her values-based work ethic & resilience. Showing a natural appitude for team building & leadership, she became. Second-in-charge at the AAG Airport Catering Service in Melbourne, here she gained HR experience, in recruiting, orientating, training & supporting staff.

By 2013, Usha had enough experience to take on the challenging role of an Assistant Manager, at The Royal Women’s Hospital Café. Again, she proved her team leadership & HR abilities.
She also learnt more about food hygiene & quality, plus managed excellent customer service.
In addition, she was able to improve her technical skills, by keeping all records up-to-date.

In 2016, Usha was appointed as the Assistant Manager for the St. Vincent’s Hospital Café. Where she was involved in serving over five hundred customers a day. Having proved herself to be a trustworthy & reliable manager, she was given the additional responsibilities of processing all the invoices, & also maintaining the bi-monthly stock take records.

Continuing to gain experience & confidence in her competences, Usha joined the International Network of Business & Professional Women (BPW), where she was put in touch with Synergy Global & subsequently passed an application & interview process, to gain her current internship with Heather-Jane Gray as her designated Professional Mentor.

Key Professional Interests focused on during Effectiveness Internship Program:

black Continuing to improve spoken & written English, by getting involved with Website Updates, & Blogs for Social Media
black Gaining more technical skills by using different software programs, including the CQI of our Website using WordPress
black Learning about the field of Organisational Development (OD), especially Professional Services & Business Culture
black Understanding how Effectiveness Consulting, Change Facilitation & Executive Coaching can improve Productivity
black Developing more confidence in my professional competences, as I work to become an excellent Exec. Assistantant
black Creating a unique Individual Performance Plan (IPP) & Personal Development Plan (PDP) to support my career
black Raising my own & team awareness regarding Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

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