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Noah Dau

Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Bachelor of Design (Communication Design)

Noah Dau joined Synergy Global in Feb 2014, as a Marketing Intern and is now a Team Leader for Design, Innovation and Communications, which reports directly to Heather-Jane Gray, the Chief Executive.

Noah has made his family proud by graduating from the prestigious Monash University, AUS and is passionate about developing his career as a ‘Strategic Marketer/Graphic Designer’ and a prominent Illustrator.

In 2013, he assisted the Chairman of the Ocean Energy Development Group (OEDG) based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in a meeting with Carnagie Wave Energy (CETO), based in Perth, WA, Australia. Noah’s duties included the logistical arrangements (travel/accommodation), plus interpretation between both parties and document management.

Additionally, working as a Graphic Designer will not only take his marketing skills to the next level, but also give him more flexibility to work creatively. With this new equipment, he can perform desktop publishing, plus produce more sophisticated and professional graphic design work - including Posters, Banners and Website Design. He also extends his grasp with Branding and Promotion, which allows Noah to become flexible in organising strategic creative direction for campaigns, events, and so much more.

The combination of Marketing & Design work is ideal for Noah, as he’s naturally both a strategic and creative thinker, with an appreciation for high aesthetic and ethical standards. This makes his document presentation more interesting because they tend to be less conventional and more visual. The creative use of graphics is particularly appealing in today’s world, when people are ‘time poor’ and need to understand complex issues quickly to make informed decisions.

Being an international student, Noah has proved his independence and flexibility, by learning to study and work in a completely new environment. By engaging in Melbourne’s cultural ‘melting pot’ he regularly meets people from all backgrounds – this has enabled him to learn how to comfortably communicate and work with a wide range of people.

His expertise and key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Vision/Strategy Clarification and Values-based Leadership
black Strategic Communication with integrated-marketing and graphic design through various channels
black Creative/Artistic Direction – what appeals to the target audience
black Personal/Group Communication
black Competitive Analysis for differentiation, collaboration and partnership

Noah lives in the lovely area of Malvern in Melbourne and when not at working, enjoys artistic activities, such as Painting and Drawing – Noah also finds that this not only reduces stress, but also inspires his creativity

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