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Mia Huynh
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Diploma of Business

Mia joined Synergy Global in 2017, as an Effectiveness Intern. She comes from a background in Tourism and Hospitality management. After completing her Bachelor Degree in Business Management in 2016, she is currently taking a gap year to gain practical work experience and decide on career options.

Recently, Mia has worked as an Assistant at the Song Phung Tea factory in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a family run business, where Mia assisted her Manager in various tasks including Strategic Planning, Marketing, Stock Control, HR and Customer Service, along with Admin. With her self-reliance and positive attitude, she helped the business go through the difficult period of staff shortage, causing late order delivery – she tackled this by influencing staff and using her negotiating skills with customers, to flex on their order deadlines.

Mia’s bachelor degree involved a wide range of group work with students from diverse backgrounds, which has broadened her perspective on international business issues. Subjects that particularly helped grow her skills included: Business Analytics, Marketing, Customer Behaviour, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. She is also advanced with her study and employment history in the service industry, which has helped her to develop a good understanding of customer needs/wants and how to align business operations to meet them.

Through Mia’s study and working experience, she has demonstrated honesty, a strong work ethic, plus a willingness to learn and improve herself. In addition, Mia has been recognised for her punctuality and flexible cooperation in assisting colleagues (both at University and at work) - achieving common goals, regardless of whether she is in a leadership role (Uni Assignments) or a supporting.

 Her key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Values-based Leadership and Cultural Change;
black Personal, Team and Organisational Effectiveness
black Improving Team Communication (face-to-face and virtual)
black Open and Honest Conflict Resolution (within teams)
black Marketing: Using Business Analysis to Track Customer Behaviour

Mia has strong interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, fostered through her life, work, travel and study experience in both developed and developing countries. Additionally, being Vietnamese with a Chinese background, she can speak Vietnamese (Fluent); English (Strong); Cantonese (Intermediate); Mandarin (Basic) and has a good understanding of these potential markets.

To Mia, Synergy Global is an organisation that has excellent training and coaching program plus experienced leaders and teams with great value-based vision and human growth focus.

She is friendly, caring and hard-working, so leaves a good impression with everyone she has works with – including customers that is believed to be a great fit for the organisation.

Traveling and learning new languages are her two greatest hobbies. She has already visited many Asia countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Brunei. In addition, she is planning to travel to Japan or Canada this year for further study.

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