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Dr Eileen Dowse

Ph.D., CMF (Certified Master Facilitator), and certified Lifeskills Coach

Dr. Eileen joined Synergy Global as Team Leader – USA (West) in 2016.She is a recognised global business leader and an Organisational Psychologist, specialising in organisational health and effectiveness. She has extensive practical experience in the field of strategic global communications, leadership competencies/development and cultural change; working with individuals, teams and large-scale systems.
Eileen has collaborated with different industries including high-tech, manufacturing, non-profit and government agencies throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. For her PhD, she researched Key Personality Traits Contributing to Accountable Behaviour – this has helped foster productive relationships within organisations and strengthen employee commitment to ensure greater levels of teamwork and effectiveness.

As a recognised speaker, corporate educator, executive coach and award-winning author of Churchill Fellowship, researching into the development of The Naked Manager: How to build open relationships at work, Eileen’s programs are thought-provoking, results-oriented, entertaining and inspirational. Her new book The Agile Business Leader: The Four Roles of Successful Leaders, focuses on being responsive, adaptive and effective in an era filled with confusion, contradictions, and corruption.

She was part of a team who received the MacArthur Genius Award, in recognition of exemplary programs, events and support of over 30 NGO's from around the world. Helping then to become more facilitative, collaborative and effective.

Eileen has also received the Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Customer Service, from Working Woman Magazine and the Impact 100 Award, from Business Leader Magazine. Both these awards recognise outstanding leaders for their hard work and contributions in the industry.

 Her expertise and key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Leadership Effectiveness-providing relevant information and motivating learners to learn
black Organisational Development - positively affecting corporate culture, values, systems and behaviour
black Executive Coaching for creating solutions, attaining goals and increasing performance
black Personality Assessments - developing talent management solutions through statistically, reliable results
black Facilitation - ensuring meetings are productive, focused, inclusive and effective
Eileen uses common-sense wisdom, contagious humour and innovative ideas to offer exceptional professionalism and customised services. She has mastered the art of identifying the root of organisational issues and has implemented strategies that allow leaders, teams, and entire organisations to become more effective.

Eileen is widely regarded as one of the thought-leaders in international facilitation as well as being a co-founder and Chair of The International Institute for Facilitation. She is a member of the UN Peace Coalition to help develop leaders for promoting peace. She also works with The Initiative to Educate Afghan Women , to help Afghan women participate fully in the governance and development of their country.

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