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Cathy Green 

BSc Psychology, MBA

Cathy joined Synergy Global as our Team Leader – Africa in 2016. She is an experienced Effectiveness Consultant and Change Facilitator specialising in the improvement of healthcare systems, helping clients to lead sustainable behavioural/cultural change.

After spending 5 years as an operational manager in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, she became a Senior Civil Servant working at Provincial and National levels designing and coordinating large-scale programs to transform the delivery of Health and Wellbeing Services.

In November 2004, she joined a study tour of South Africa, visiting a rural part of KwaZulu-Natal to review the preparedness of nurse-led clinics to provide anti-retrovirals (ARVs) for people living with HIV. This was the beginning of a major career shift that brought her back to South Africa in August 2005 to work for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

In partnership with local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the Department of Health, Cathy designed and led improvement projects in inner city Johannesburg, Soweto, Eastern Cape and the North West that helped increase access to ARVs and reduce transmission rates from mothers to their babies.

In July 2008, she became an independent contractor and has since worked across Africa, India and Afghanistan to improve health outcomes for woman, neonates, children under five and people with HIV and TB. She is effective operating at micro and macro levels within the system; working with communities and remote, nurse-led clinics, tertiary teaching hospitals and on national campaigns and policy development.

 Her expertise and key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Learning and Development: facilitation, training and coaching
black Creating a culture for creative problem-solving and innovation
black Applying Performance Improvement (PI) to health systems
black Public Health in resource-constrained settings
black Partnering with individuals/teams to ensure sustainable change

Heather-Jane has also worked in Public Health, as CEO, National Sports Medicine Institute which promotes safer sport/exercise, from local participants to elite athletes. As part of this role she also managed a large Sports Medicine Library; Governance and contributed to London’s successful bid for the Olympics (2012).

She’s now focuses on Values-based Leadership and Cultural Change – engaging and motivating teams to bringing values alive behaviourally - a sustainable approach, making effective use of energy and time. As a CEO, she has a long-standing passion for strategic integration, ensuring SG adds value, with meaningful metrics and service for Return on Investment (ROI).

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