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Carolyn Gleixner

Bachelor of Construction Management (First Class Honours), Masters of Project Management;
Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Carolyn joined Synergy Global in 2013 & comes from a background in Construction & Project Management. In the past semester she received four High Distinctions & a GPA of 4.0. In addition, Carolyn has been given an award for achieving the third highest GPA score in Construction Management Degree.

Carolyn’s Masters at RMIT involved extensive project group work with predominantly mature age students from various areas of industry, which widened her vision & understanding across various commercial fields. Subjects which enhanced her skills include; Dispute Resolution, Project Management Teams/Practice, Project Procurement & Ethics, Evaluating/Managing Project Risk, plus Designing for Quality. She also follows her interest in construction through various Research Projects focusing on sustainability of the environment & recycling practices on building sites. This also included Human Behaviours to improve management structures & dispute resolution.

Most recently, she’s worked with Construction Companies in the Melbourne; surrounding suburbs & the Mornington Peninsula with Contract Admin Teams; Site Management & Labouring. During her work on construction sites she has been delegated project problem-solving discussions & entrusted to negotiate tenders plus site quality inspections to identify defective work. She has been complemented on her assistance to various members of the team, which enabled them to complete work much more effectively.

During Carolyn’s career to date, she’s demonstrated a strong work ethic & desire to develop skills in various areas of business, aiming to be at the top of her field. In addition, she has maintained positive working relationships with all clients & staff, while working in both the Construction Industry & also in Hospitality on the Mornington Peninsula.

She has developed outstanding interpersonal skills & the ability to work with a wide range of people from different backgrounds, including resolving practical & interpersonal issues with difficult people & in complex situations.

Carolyn has travelled widely, including undertaking a construction study tour to Dubai & Hong Kong. She is currently working in Europe to further her language skills & gain global experience.

She is bright & engaging – often thinking outside of the box which is one of the reasons she caught the eye of Synergy Global’s Chief Executive, who recently headhunted her to tackle several projects across our global team. These include supporting the Chief Executive in ensuring everyone within our business role-models global best practice in ‘Values-based Leadership & Cultural Change’.

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