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Alex Liebelt

Bachelor of Social Science (Security & Counter Terrorism), Master of International Relations

Alex joined Synergy Global in 2016 as a Team Leader – Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), which in our terms is dealing with Technical Excellence (‘Getting it Right’) and Customer Care (‘Doing it Nicely’). We always try to exceed client, partner, supplier and team expectations – that isn’t always easy!

With her strong record of accomplishment in sales and customer service, Alex demonstrates excellent interpersonal and; team skills to achieve goals and KPIs.
During her time at Tiffany & Co Pty Ltd, Alex developed her creative problem-solving ability, management and negotiation skills, which resulted in high levels of return business, with decreased customer complaints.
With dedication to Service/Process Improvement (PI), Alex focused on the importance of building sustainable client relationships, to enhance brand satisfaction. She acted as a mentor to assist with the orientation of new team members - supporting the sales team with all tasks/training as required.

She was also responsible for the collection of data, turning this into meaningful information to track an improvement in the organisation’s KPIs. For example: tracking of sales performance by individual, department and store to understand strengths and areas of opportunity for training and client development.

Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science from Swinburne University of Technology and participated in graduate level behavioural psychology research with a team at Baylor University (USA). She also completed courses in Online Communication and Business Management.

Her expertise and key interests focus around these 5 themes:
black Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) – Technical Excellence and Customer Care
black Conflict Resolution and Creative Problem Solving – exceeding Client Expectations
black  Client Relationship Management – especially Effective Communication
black Staff Mentoring and High Performing Teams (HPTs) – especially with SMEs
black Online Marketing – especially assisting with Client-focused Social Media

As you can see Alex is passionate about Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and is therefore a great fit with the Synergy Global Effectiveness Team – she was invited to join our organisation after meeting with Heather-Jane Gray our Chief Executive, who was impressed with Alex’s strong interpersonal skills and understanding of the business environment.

The three areas of Effectiveness and CQI that Alex think’s most Australian organisations could improve on are:

1) Clarity of a Values-based Vision/Purpose (‘To Be’); Mission/Strategy (‘To Do’) and Brand/Reputation (‘To Feel’).
2) Staff Engagement and Motivation – owning the goals that they are working towards achieving
3) Appreciation for each other and everyone’s diverse perspective and contribution (Client’s and Staff).

Alex is ambitious, open to change/new experiences and is always seeking to learn new things. She is socially active and has volunteered as a mentor to younger school children who have needed a role-model to guide them through ongoing challenges and avoid risky behaviour. She also has experience in managing a variety of events for fundraising.
When not at work, she loves to travel and meet new people. She regularly plays competition tennis and is an avid skier.
As a member of her tennis club’s Management Team, she adds value to their Social Sub-committee.
She lives in Malvern East, VIC, AUS with her partner Iain and is currently planning her next trip to Europe.

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